• Last Friday, the Tornado TV staff went to learn how to produce and edit video from the Fox 6 news team.  We were able to watch the noon news being broadcast live!  As we watched, they swung the TV camera around to put us on the air as well!  It was so much fun!  We stopped to tour the Bortanical Gardens prior to our tour of the Fox 6 facilities.  What a fun day!


    Auditions were opened to any 5th or 6th grade student.  We have selected our broadcast team members:

    Anchors:  Sarah Beth Sanford, Grace Colville, and Bella Kyzer

    Sports:  Devin Thomas and Brandon Graves

    Weatherman:  Brannon Martin

    Club Reporters:  Chloe Hyche and Kinsley Forester

    News Reporters:  Mykah Stockes, Hayden Woods, Caiden Sanford


    Botanical Gardens Fun Times beautiful Noon News LIVE! future anchors! :) learning to edit