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  • Influenza Law

    * ACT #2017-368 Requires a local board of education to provide information about the influenza disease and vaccine whenever other health information is provided to parents and guardians. H.381 (Daniels) Effective August 1, 2017. 

    Use the links below to learn more about the Influenza Disease and Influenza Vaccine


    Backpack Law

    * ACT #2017-19 All Schools Administrators, Teachers, Parents, and Students to be educated about the potential health impact of heavy backpacks and to take proactive measures to avoid injury. 

    Refer to the link below to learn more:


    Sunscreen Law

    * ACT #2017-278 Allows students in public and non-public schools to possess and use FDA-regulated, over-the-counter sunscreen without a physician's order. S.63 (McClendon) Effective May 16, 2017. Law not age specific-can apply themselves. -- If the student or parent request for school employee to apply sunscreen -- parent must sign PPA--NO MD signature required.

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